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Fracture surface through tire crumb polyethylene composite
Tires, along with the other thermoset materials, are difficult to recycle as they cannot be reshaped once they have been cross-linked.
A team of Japanese researchers (Saito et al., Science, vol.
Oxide formed on Ni-22Al-30Pt + 1 wt% Hf oxidised in flowing air at 1200°C
Gas turbine engine efficiencies are dictated by their temperatures of operation.
Fine particles are important to many industries, including mineral, materials, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Reduction Curves of MnO2
Carbothermal reduction of stable metal oxides such as MnO, Cr2O3, TiO2 and Al2O3 requires high temperatures.
Slag foaming
Plastics have great value in our daily life because of their convenience, low manufacturing cost and durability.