Paper of the Month

“Colorful visualization of X-ray images using light-emitting nanocrystals”

"Application of a novel x-ray microscopy method to peer deep inside polycrystalline ferroelectrics"

"Artificial intelligence accelerates discovery of new metallic glasses - 200 times faster than previously possible"

“Effects of Si, Al and Ti on corrosion of Ni-20Cr and Ni-30Cr alloys in Ar-20CO2 at 700 °C”

by T. D. Nguyen, JQ Zhang and D. J. Young

I Got 99 Samples With A Phase Boundary In One

The search for a lead-free piezoelectric material has been based around locating compositions that occur at phase boundaries.  At these ph

Fast and Curious

Solid-state cooling is an energy-efficient and scalable refrigeration technology that exploits the adiabatic variation of a crystalline order parameter under an external&nb

Intrinsic ferromagnetism is required for a diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS).

Studying order and disorder at the atomic scale

We studied an Fe-Co-Mo Maraging steel designed for high performance cutting applications.