Paper of the Month

"Application of a novel x-ray microscopy method to peer deep inside polycrystalline ferroelectrics"

"Artificial intelligence accelerates discovery of new metallic glasses - 200 times faster than previously possible"

“Effects of Si, Al and Ti on corrosion of Ni-20Cr and Ni-30Cr alloys in Ar-20CO2 at 700 °C”

by T. D. Nguyen, JQ Zhang and D. J. Young

I Got 99 Samples With A Phase Boundary In One

The search for a lead-free piezoelectric material has been based around locating compositions that occur at phase boundaries.  At these ph

Fast and Curious

Solid-state cooling is an energy-efficient and scalable refrigeration technology that exploits the adiabatic variation of a crystalline order parameter under an external&nb

Intrinsic ferromagnetism is required for a diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS).

Studying order and disorder at the atomic scale

We studied an Fe-Co-Mo Maraging steel designed for high performance cutting applications.

Which holds the whip hand in the stability of metallic glasses: atomic or electronic structures?

Minor addition of alloying elements is a widely used method to significantly incre

Graphene Membrane for Water Purification with High Water Flux

We have modified the porosity, which is the interlayer spacing of graphene oxide membrane, by adding a cationic surfactant- &ls