Paper of the Month

Thin film coatings applied to, for example, tool steel substrates are commonly used to protect the steel during high wear machining operations.

FeCoMo alloys have recently been introduced as novel cutting materials for high-end gear hob milling in the automotive industry.

La-Mg-Ni based alloys have a high hydrogen storage capacity but their poor cycle stability severely limits their commercial viability as an energy storage medium.

Inspired by the gecko foot, nanostructured adhesive devices are being developed as minimally invasive technologies to seal wounds and deliver drugs in situ.

This paper looks at the structure of coins minted in Southern Italy (Sybaris) sometime between 540 and 510 BC. Little is known about the preparation methods of these coins.

An ultra-lightweight Mg-Li-based alloy was processed by a simple route to generate a solute nanostructure in a body centre cubic matrix (Fig. 1).

High-temperature interfacial reactions between barium aluminosilicates and Al Alloys

A topological tiptoe through the finer aspects of metallic glass-formation.

Zinc sulfide (ZnS) is a promising material for photocatalytic generation of hydrogen from water using energy from light.