Physical Metallurgy

This branch of materials science and engineering is concerned with the development, production and use of metallic materials. Due to their unique combination of properties that cannot be achieved in other materials, metals will remain as the principal future engineering material in the transportation (automotive, rail, aerospace and space), construction, agriculture and communications sectors.

Research Interests
  • Processing and properties of metallic glasses and their composites
  • Thermoplastic forming of bulk metallic glasses (BMGs)
  • Development of new types of biomedical metals and alloys
  • Production and properties of biocompatible metallic glasses
  • Direct strip casting of metals and alloys
  • Thermomechanical processing of metals and their composites
  • Deformation and recrystallization mechanisms in metals and alloys
  • Processing and properties of new classes of high entropy alloys
  • Phase transformations in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Development of microsctructure and texture of electrical steels
  • Structure and properties of intermetallic alloys
  • Advanced metal-matrix composites and multi-layered structures
  • Surface modification of materials
  • Ageing behaviour in aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • Development of corrosion resistant high-strength magnesium alloys
  • Fatigue, creep and failure of metals and alloys
  • Hydrogen embrittlement in steels
  • Metallic foam laminates
  • Structural materials for the nuclear energy industry
  • Hard and soft magnetic materials
  • Reaction of metals with liquid and gases at high temperatures
  • Diffulsional processes in high-temperature materials
  • Carburisation and sulfidation reactions
  • Coatings and alloys for high-temperature service
  • De-alloying reactions
Group Members
Research Fellows
Relevant Undergraduate Courses
  • MATS2003 Materials Characterisation
  • MATS2004 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
  • MATS2006 Diffusion and Kinetics
  • MATS2008 Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria
  • MATS3001 Mechanical Behaviour in Metals
  • MATS3005 Phase Transformations
  • MATS4001 Secondary Processing of Metals
  • MATS4004 Fracture Mechanics and Failure
  • MATS4005 Composites and Functional Materials
  • MATS4007 Engineered Surfaces
  • MATS4009 Materials Engineering Project


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