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Sammy Lap Ip Chan

Associate Professor
Telephone: +61 (0)2 9385 4441
Facsimile:  +61 (0)2 9385 6565

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering, UNSW 2009-
  • Senior Lecturer, School of Materials Science & Engineering, UNSW 2003-2008

Research Contribution

My research interests are in the areas of energy-materials, hydrogen storage and metal matrix composites (MMCs). Major contributions to the fields are:

(1)     Identification of hydrogen trapping ability in different microstructures to provide a better understanding on the hydrogen embrittlement of steel.

(2)     Application of Ni encapsulation on hydrogen storage alloys in the preparation of Ni-MH battery electrodes using sintering rather than via the paste method, so that the conductivity of the electrodes can be largely enhanced.

(3)     Synthesis of nanostructured Ni(OH)2 with the performance of nickel electrodes increased by 30% in capacity.

(4)     Development of aluminium matrix composites with nano-reinforcements. With only 1% of these reinforcements, the tensile properties of the composites are better than or comparable to those of composites with 10% micrometric reinforcements. The composites also have a very high creep resistance up to 0.8 of their melting points.

Publications include 3 book chapters, 60+ refereed journal papers and similar number of conference papers. He was a recipient of Best Paper Awards from both Chinese Corrosion Engineers Association and Taiwan’s Welding Association.

Teaching Contributions

Courses are taught in the areas of Nanotechnology (Nanotechology II, Nanotechology III, Advanced Nanomaterials), Mechanical Properties of Materials, Corrosion and Corrosion Control, Surface Treatment and Wear, Specialty Alloys, Materials Design and Applications.  The teaching receives excellent evaluations from students. Supervision of 12 postgraduate students and 16 Honours students since coming to UNSW. 7 postgraduates have graduated already.

Awards & Memberships

  • Fellow, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, UK
  • Fellow, Australian Institute of Energy
  • Chartered Engineer, UK
  • Chartered Scientist, UK
  • Professional Member, Chinese Society for Materials Science
  • Co-editor, “Materials Chemistry and Physics”

Selected Publications

1. W. Weng, Z.M Wang, C.Y.V. Li, S.L.I Chan, “Effect of Electrolyte on Electrochemical Characteristics of MmNi3.55Co0.72Al0.3Mn0.43 Alloy Electrode for Hydrogen Storage”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 34 ( 2009) pp. 5422-5428.

2. Z.M. Wang, C.Y.V. Li and S.L.I. Chan, “Discharge Behaviour of MmNi3.66(CoAlMn)1.34 Hydrogen Storage Alloys”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 438 (2007) 298-302.

3. Q.S. Song, G.K. Aravindaraj, H. Sultana and S.L.I. Chan, “Performance Improvement of Pasted Nickel Electrodes with Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes for Rechargeable Nickel Batteries”, Electrochimica Acta, 53 (2003) 1890-1896.

4. Z.G. Lin, S.L.I. Chan and F.A. Mohamed, “Effect of Nano-scale Particles on the Creep Behaviour of 2014 Al”, Materials Science & Engineering A, 394 (2005) 103-111.

5. Q.S. Song, Z.Y Tang, H.T. Guo and S.L.I. Chan, “Structural Characteristics of Nickel Hydroxide Synthesized by a Chemical Precipitation Route under Different pH Values”, Journal of Power Source, 112 (2005) 428-434

6. Y.C. Kang and S.L.I. Chan, “Tensile Properties of Nanometric Al2O3 Particulate- reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites”, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 85, (2004) 438-443.