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The Materials Science and Engineering discipline, in general, is the underlying science of high-performance materials including metals, ceramics and polymers, electronic materials, nanomaterials, composites and biomaterials. Materials scientists and engineers are involved in every aspect of technology, ranging from the design of materials for use in integrated circuits, transport vehicles, battery devices and medical implants, through to sustainable materials processing and developing new materials for green energy generation.

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We offer a range of degree programs, including a stand-alone Honours and Masters degree and an exciting mixture of combined degrees that allow you to develop expertise in various fields - all of which provide accreditation by Engineering Australia! Explore more below:


The field of materials science and engineering offers unlimited possibilities for innovation and development.

Student life

Our student societies are the life blood of the school, organising social and industry events and forming a bridge between students and staff. We have two societies in the school, MATSOC is our undergraduate student society while PGSOC is the society for postgraduate students.

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