Alan Crosky

Emeritus Professor

Professional Experience: 

  • Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering, UNSW,  2006-
  • Honorary Professor, University of Wales, Swansea, UK, 2006-
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/ Associate Professor, UNSW, 1987-2005
  • Visiting Professor, ENSAIT, France, 2008
  • Visiting Professor, Cambridge University, UK, 2005
  • Visiting Professor,  University of Wales, Swansea, UK, 2005
  • Visiting Professor, Interdisciplinary Research Centre, University of Wales, Swansea, UK, 2000
  • Materials and Processing Engineer/Senior Materials and Processing Engineer, Hawker de Havilland 1978-1986
  • Visiting Engineer F/A 18 program, Cleveland Pneumatic, USA, 1982
  • Visiting Engineer, Rolls Royce Ltd 1980

Research Contributions: 

Research has focused on the effect of structure (both micro and macro) on mechanical behaviour. Specific areas of research include directed fibre placement in fibre reinforced plastic composites, natural fibre composites, wood plastic composites, agro biochar, ageing behaviour in aluminium alloys and failure analysis. Recognition of this includes: 100+ papers in international journals and conferences; $2.3 m research funding since 2003; 6PhD/ME completions since 2003; Program Leader, CRC for Advanced Composite Structures.

Teaching Contributions: 

Courses taught are Fundamentals of Materials Engineering (large class first year engineering students), Metal Forming, Fractography, Welding and Composites. First year engineering course is UNSW exemplar and was UNSW nominated for Blackboard Exemplary Course Project in 2007.  Received the UNSW Vice-Chancellors Award for Teaching Excellence in 2003 (with M. Hoffman, P. Munroe & B. Allen) and a Carrick Citation in 2007, again with the aforementioned team. Currently leading 3 year faculty project on dissemination of best practice in learning and teaching.

Honours, Awards and Memberships: 

Awarded Best Paper in 2006 in the international journal Composite Structures.

Selected Publications: 

  1. Crosky, A., Smith B., Hebblewhite B., (2003) “Failure of rock bolts in underground mines in Australia”, Practical Failure Analysis, 3(2), 41-49.
  2. Lynch, P., Edwards, D.P., Crosky, A., (2004) “Failure of a screw in a helicopter fuel control unit: Was it the cause of a fatal crash?” Practical Failure Analysis, 4(5), 33-44.
  3. Legrand, X, Crosky A., Kelly, D., Crepin D., (2006) Optimisation of fibre steering in composite laminates using a genetic algorithm, Composite Structures,75(1-4), 524-531.
  4. Crosky, A., Kelly, D., Li, R., Legrand, X., Huong, N. Ujjin, R., (2006) Improvement of bearing strength of laminated composites, Composite Structures, 76, 260-271.
  5. Buha, J., Lumley R.N., Crosky, A.G., Hono, K, (2007) “Secondary precipitation  in an Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy”, Acta Materiala, 55(9), 3015-3024.
  6. Park, B.G., Crosky, A., Hellier, A.K., (2008) “Fracture toughness of microsphere Al2O3-Al particulate metal matrix composites”, (2008) Composites B, in press:  JCOMB956.
  7. Buha, J., Lumley R.N., Crosky, A.G., (2008) “Secondary ageing in an aluminium alloy 7050”, Materials Science & Engineering A, in press: MSEA-S-08-00421.
  8. Li, R., Huong, N., Crosky, A., Mouritz, A., P., Kelly, D., Chang, P., “Improving bearing performance of composite bolted joints using z-pins”, submitted, Composites Science and Technology.
  9. Allen, B,. Crosky, A., McAlpine, I., Hoffman, M., Munroe, P., “A blended approach to collaborative learning: making large group teaching more student-centred”, Submitted, International Journal of Engineering Education.