Congratulations to Our School Staff Award Winner

The Dean of Science Staff Excellence Awards were announced at the faculty End of Year Celebration. Our school manager, Lucy Zhang has received the Operational Excellence Award.

Staff Awards

"I am sure I speak for everyone to say that Lucy is not only exceptional in all operational matters, but contributes tirelessly to every facet of School life. She has an amazing temperament and is always polite and compassionate to others. She is an exemplar of all UNSW’s Values and Behaviours. You really deserve this award. You are also an excellent leader, mentor and caring colleague who always leads by example" Professor Michael Ferry (Head of School) said. 

Lucy Emma

"I am really honoured to receive this award. This award may have my name on it, but in truth it belongs to everyone who is working with and around me. I’m appreciative of the 3 heads i.e. Mark Hoffman Paul Munroe and Michael Ferry I’ve worked with at Materials, they have fostered a very collegial school culture to enable me to carry out operational excellence.This award wouldn’t have been possible if not for my admin team including hybrid funded faculty and central staff. I cannot forget to include my technical team. They welcomed me to their group meetings and allowed me to know their specialised area.  This opened opportunities for us to tackle difficulties together". Lucy stated.

Michael Lucy Emma