PGSOC Poster Competition

The Poster Competition is PGSOCā€™s biggest event of the year and this year it was bigger and better than ever with 60 presenters covering all aspects of material science. A sincere thank you to the judges who volunteered their time on the day and scored the competition:

1st place: Thomas Molley "Microcapsules for Multifunctional Autonomous Self-Healing Biocomposites" Supervisor: Kristopher Kilian

2nd place: Richard Winkler "Understanding Static and Dynamic Domain Structures of Epitaxial PZT Bilayers on Silicon" Supervisor: Nagarajan Valanoor

3rd place: Jonathan Hopkins "Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphonated PEDOT: A Novel, Water-Processable Conjugated Polyelectrolyte" Supervisor: Damia Mawad