Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Science) (Honours)

Everything we use is made of materials, yet only a handful of these materials occur naturally. All the rest have been microscopically engineered originally by nature, but increasingly by materials engineers/scientists. Materials Science and Engineering is the foundation for creating high-performance components and devices from metals, ceramics, polymers and composites for use in society. This degree program provides the theoretical and practical skills that will put you at the forefront of innovation in developing materials that are lighter, greener and stronger. Your studies begin with a strong foundation in mathematics, chemistry and physics before delving deeper through courses in fundamental properties, structures of materials, aspects of engineering design, application and selection of materials. You will become more specialised in the later stages of the degree through electives, practicals and the Honours research project. WE have a selection of electives in ceramic engineering, materials engineering, functional materials, physical metallurgy and process metallurgy.

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