Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Science) (Honours)/Commerce

The Faculty of Science and the UNSW Business School offer a dual degree program which qualifies students for two degrees after five and a half years of successful study: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Science and Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce.

The program is intended for potential engineers in the fields of Physical Metallurgy, Materials Engineering, Ceramic Engineering or Process Metallurgy who wish to become more aware of economic and social aspects of the engineering profession, and skilled in technical management. It is expected that those taking this program would progress to entrepreneurial and managerial roles.

A full range of commerce and engineering careers is still open to those who qualify with both components of the dual degree. Most engineers progress to technical management roles, and these programs strengthen the commerce background in addition to providing the engineering skills.

Increasingly, engineers also find employment in the commercial sector, and the dual programs provide a good background for those entering banking, consultancy, etc. Students wishing to enter the purely commercial sector will benefit from technical and numerate strengths obtained as part of the Engineering program.

More information at the UNSW Handbook