Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Science) (Honours)/Master of Biomedical Engineering

This dual degree program is specifically designed for undergraduate students wishing to pursue a career in either Engineering or Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering principles to developing technologies and solving problems in a diverse range of health care related fields e.g. implantable bionics, drug delivery systems, medical imaging, radiotherapies, orthopedic devices, telemedicine, robotic surgery, cell and tissue engineering, records management, physical rehabilitation and others. This program is integrated to provide fundamental engineering skills with an undergraduate focus on Materials Science and Engineering and specialist postgraduate level training in Biomedical Engineering.

At the end of the program successful candidates will graduate with a Bachelor in Engineering (Honours) in Materials Science and Engineering (BE Hons) and a Master of Biomedical Engineering (MBiomed). Students are expected to perform at a credit average (65%) or better in their first three years to be permitted to continue with the Masters part of the program. Students who do not satisfy this requirement can revert to the 3131 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Science and Engineering program.

More information at the UNSW Handbook