Sukriti Mantri

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sukriti Mantri received her PhD degree from the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW Sydney, NSW, Australia in 2019 and her Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2015. Her PhD research focused on understanding ferroelectric-domain continuity across grain boundaries. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at UNSW Sydney where she is working on understanding the concept of ferroic domain continuity at polycrystal scale, the characterization of relaxor single crystals under external stimulus using diffuse scattering from x-ray and neutron sources, and the existence of polar vortices in BFO/STO superlattices.

In addition to her research, she also writes English fiction novels in detective mystery and children's adventure genres. Her books are available on Amazon.


Journal articles
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Book Chapters
Subramaniam A; Naorem R; Gupta A; Mantri S; Krishna KVM; Balani K, 2020, 'Understanding Disordered Multicomponent Solid Solutions or High Entropy Alloys Using X-Ray Diffraction', in High Entropy Alloys, CRC Press, pp. 329 - 354,