Beat the nerves & have confidence in public speaking

Nerves, when you have to talk in front of people, is a normal thing that everyone feels. That’s what our postgraduate students learned, and how to be more confident in these situations, last week in a Confidence workshop organised by PGSOC.

Alisa Tian, the current Vice President and President-elect of Toastmasters Green Square, taught our postgrads how small preparations with practice, such as power poses, box breathing, and changing our posture before any nerve-racking speaking situations can help you feel more confident.

Special thanks to Alisa and our PGSOC team for organising this workshop! Our postgrads walked away from this event standing taller and ready for the next time they have to speak in front of an audience.


collage of photos from confidence workshop



More about Alisa

Alisa Tian is the current Vice President and President-elect of Toastmasters Green Square, one of the worldwide clubs of Toastmasters International, a nonprofit educational international organisation that teaches public speaking. With a linguistics and translation background, she is a professional NAATI-certified translator and interpreter with more than ten years of experience in Australia, specialising in court interpreting and subtitling. Alisa is also an active member of the UNSW community. As a graduate of the university, she has been teaching translation and interpreting on the Bedegal land since 2010 and recently started her research degree here. Alisa believes in the power of language and is passionate about sharing her love of language in the form of public speaking.